[Book Review] Star Trek Prometheus: Fire With Fire

Star Trek Prometheus Fire With Fire
Star Trek Prometheus: Fire With Fire
Christian Humberg & Bernd Perplies

Genre: Sci-fi, Star Trek

A mysterious terrorist organization has carried out several attacks against the Federation and Klingon Empire. Tensions are running high in a region already crippled by conflict.

The perpetrators are tracked to the Lembatta Cluster, a mysterious region of space whose inhabitants, the Renao, regard the Alpha Quadrant’s powers as little more than conquering tyrants.

The Federation are desperate to prevent more bloodshed, and have sent their most powerful warship, the U.S.S. Prometheus, into the Cluster to investigate the threat before all-consuming war breaks out.


Another fantastic addition to the Star Trek relaunch novels! A must read for any Star Trek fan who wants to see the Trek universe continue in the 24th century.

The story takes place post-Nemesis and does tie into the other relaunch novels. But it’s not mandatory to read them all to jump into this one (I definitely haven’t. There are TONS. I’m not made of unlimited free time). Any references to previous plot points do have a basic explanation so the reader doesn’t get lost in the Delta Quadrant of understanding.

The ship at the centre of Fire With Fire is the USS Prometheus — first introduced to us in the Voyager episode Message in a Bottle. And what a ship it is: super high tech, fastest ship in the fleet, and multi-vector assault mode (yes!). I would definitely suggest watching the episode for a refresh to familiarize yourself with the Prometheus (and it’s also a good excuse to watch Star Trek so you can’t really go wrong here).

Originally written in German, I found the writing in this one was a bit simpler than other Star Trek novels, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It just means I was able to read it faster and have longer binge reading sessions.

I loved that there were so many aliens; they outnumbered the humans for sure. Starfleet on TV can be very human-centric — or even just human passing — so seeing such a diverse cast was refreshing. Lenissa was my favourite of the crew (I will always love Andorians).  Also a shoutout to Alexander Rozhenko. He annoyed me in Next Generation (I find a lot of the Star Trek child characters irritating), but I actually liked him here. All grown up and important.

Like other Star Trek books, it jumped around from character to character and told each of their stories and how it fits into the big picture. I felt the first half jumped around a bit too much. I would have liked more chapters about the core characters on the Prometheus rather than chapters about one off characters. However, the second half of the book was more focused and I hope the remaining two books will continue that way.

Fire With Fire felt like the first part of a multi episode story arc and I can’t wait to find out how it ends!

Thanks so much to Titan Books for sending over a review copy!

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