CLOSED! Giveaway: Win a copy of “Glass Sword” by Victoria Aveyard

Glass Sword Giveaway

King’s Cage is almost upon us!  While we (im)patiently await the release, here’s a chance to win a gorgeous copy of Glass Sword, the second book in the Red Queen series.

It’s not just any regular edition, it’s got fancy sprayed edges with swords down the side 😍

Ends February 12, 2017.  Open internationally.

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I will contact the winner at the email used to enter, so please be sure you enter with an email that you check regularly. If you entered with your Facebook account, please be sure the email linked with it is one you check often
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If you are under 18, you must have parental permission to give me your address.  By entering, you are confirming you have this permission
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If the winner does not respond 48 hours after I contact them then a new winner will be selected

Glass Sword Sprayed Edges

45 thoughts on “CLOSED! Giveaway: Win a copy of “Glass Sword” by Victoria Aveyard”

  1. Thank you for this. Always wanted to read the red queen series since it came out. I never won a book or anything in my life so I wish to this giveaway.

  2. My most anticipated read of 2017 is Jo Malone – My Story. I heard her speaking on the Chris Evans Breakfadt show on Radio 2 and found her really interesting.

  3. I’m pretty excited about Caraval, but my number 1 most anticipated release is Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb. Absolutely recommend the entire series to any fantasy lovers.

  4. Such an awesome book series! I reread Red Queen maybe a week after it came out, TWO YEARS AGO, and it has stuck in my head till this day. I recently (last week) decided to read it again and am nearly finished… PLOT TWIST IS COMING! (MY HEART.) Honestly one of my favourite series, I love the way the writing just flows, descriptive but not so much that i forget what is happening and get caught up in fancy words and too vivid imagery. I am also super looking forward to reading throne of glass and Grisha as they are both meant to be AMAZING book series! (Still secretly wishing I could be a powerful assassin with a sexy body, leather get up, dry humour and a sassy don’t f*ck with me attitude (I have the dry humour down but considering my best comeback consists of “shut up”, I can’t see me succeeding in the sass department anytime soon… Maybe one day..))
    Anyway yeah! Also random question but, I was cursed with the slow reading gene and was wondering if you knew any great tips on how to read faster, yet still take in buckets (?) of information. 🙂
    Thank you <3
    p.s. I should totally win the book ;P

    1. LOL! I read the first Grisha book and it was pretty good, but I have read both Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom (amazing books!)

      As for reading faster, sometimes I skim small bits and not read every singe word – like if there’s a lot of dialogue I can skip over all the ‘he saids/she saids’ or if a character is relaying something that happened that someone else, I can skim that since I was there when it happened. I also try and read whenever I can so it adds up, even if it’s 3 minutes here and 2 minutes there – it all adds up!

  5. Oh yeah and my (well one of) most anticipated books for this year is Kings Cage, of course! <3
    Also most anticipated movie is SO "Before I fall" (such an amazing book!)

  6. Absolutely can’t wait for The Caller by Chris Carter. Always guaranteed a great read and he’s my favourite author. I read The Night Stalker and when I’d finished it, I read it again straight after, although I knew who had committed the crimes.

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