Reading Roundup – June 2016

June Reading Roundup

I read a ton more than I thought I had. I’ll see if I can keep the momentum going for July!

Cruel Crown – Victoria Aveyard
3/5 – Companion book of two short stories in the Red Queen universe.  Queen Song was pretty good background story and brought some more depth to the overall Red Queen plot. However, Steel Scars really dragged on for me.
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Kindred Spirits – Rainbow Rowell
4/5 – Adorable and quick read (seriously, it’s 62 pages long).  Read my review here!
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Sing – Vivi Greene
3.5/5 – Totally feels like the main character was inspired by Taylor Swift. Perfect light and quick summer or beach read!
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Edge of Eternity – Ken Follett
4.5/5 – Final book in the Century Trilogy.  Not a fast read (it’s 1158 pages) but it’s definitely a captivating read.  In big multi POV stories you always have that one character who’s chapters you can’t stand and slog through just to get to the good characters. That dude was Dimka. Dimka sucked.  For me, George Jakes carried the book. He was definitely the strongest and most interesting character of the bunch.
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Hush, Hush – Becca Fitzpatrick
1/5 – Disliked this book immensely. It was basically Twilight-except with angels instead of vampires-and the male love interest was creepy AF. You can read my review here.
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The Captain’s Daughter – Peter David
3.5/5 – Sulu was always one of my favourite <i>Star Trek</i> characters so how could I resist reading a book about him?  Still bitter that we didn’t get a Captain Sulu spin off.

Attachments – Rainbow Rowell
4/5 – Super cute, perfect book to read in one sitting on the weekend.
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