Magpie & Lothlar and the Book of Cognomen

Magpie & Lothlar and the Book of Cogmomen - Casey ObsidianMagpie & Lothlar and the Book of Cognomen
Casey Obsidian

Rating: 4/5

What a cute children’s story.  I had such fun reading Magpie & Lothlar!

The story starts takes place in the Veil where Lothlar, the King of Bogs, and his best friend Magpie run a couple of mundane errands for Crickett the housekeeper.  Throughout this seemingly simple task, the two get tangled up in an unexpected adventure filled with silly weather balls, fairies, and the evil Queen of Shadows, who threatens the very existence of the Veil!  (But make sure you avoid the butterflies…)

The Veil was such a whimsical world and Casey Obsidian did it justice with great imagery throughout the story, perfect for capturing a child’s imagination.  The adventure itself never slowed, which makes for an exciting read all the way to the last word.

Obsidian’s writing style is snappy and humourous with funny one liners scattered in every chapter.  I found myself giggling a few times (which was slightly bad seeing as I was reading this in public so people kept glancing at me, slightly concerned for my sanity).

I do wish a few more illustrations were included than just the chapter title images (though the sketches were fantastically done and did fit great with the story!).  It would have been great to see full-page sketches to enhance the narrative, especially since the descriptions were so vivid.

The writing is easy enough to understand for younger readers, but Obsidian doesn’t dumb the writing down at all.  Magpie & Lothlar is perfect for any young readers you may know – or even for older readers who like whimsical romps.

But seriously though, those butterflies are jerks.

I received a copy of Magpie & Lothlar from Earnest Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

You can keep up-to-date with Casey Obsidian here and also pick up your own copy of Magpie & Lothlar: Amazon USA / Amazon UK / Waterstones / Book Depository.

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