YALC 2018 Round Up

My Star Trek Enterprise Cosplay

My Star Trek Enterprise Cosplay

Another year, another YALC!

I’ve always been a big convention goer and have had my fair share of Fan Expos back in Toronto. The UK has so many cons throughout the year and my husband and I try to go to as many as we can, they’re so much fun!

I, of course, had to cosplay and decided to make my very own Star Trek Enterprise uniform (lots of frantic sewing sessions ensued) and my husband went as Castiel from Supernatural.

Last year was my first experience with YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) which is a part of LFCC.

Books + sci-fi in one venue? YES, PLEASE.

I spent my day running back and forth between YALC and LFCC and ended up staying almost until closing time. I unfortunately only went on Saturday so there was a lot more that Friday and Sunday had to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s round ups!

To start my day, I met Tomi Adeyemi in the freaking elevator on my way up to YALC. She was so nice and let me take a picture after I fangirled over her!  I wasn’t able to make it to her book signing, but just having met her was enough.

Tomi Adeyemi


I FINALLY met two of my bookish besties who I met when we started #CroneBloggers.  Jenn and Laura were so lovely and gorgeous and I hope we’re all able to meet again soon and gush over books!

Last year I didn’t do any of the signings so this year I made sure to come prepared. Both my husband and I love Becky Chambers’ novels so we each got one signed–she was so nice and bubbly even though her signing line was loooong.

And now onto all the freebies: holy hell did they have a lot to give away! Each publisher had some sort of swag that you could take with no pressure to buy anything. I love the chapter samplers, they’re such a great way to test out upcoming books and plan your book purchases. Actually, last year I got a sampler for Children of Blood and Bone, which is totally what made me pre-order several months later!

Swag & Samplers


I restrained myself and only got two books (that was hard). I was in the right place at the right time for BKMRK’s ARC giveaway for Izzy + Tristan by Shannon Dunlap and also picked up a copy of Encounters by Jason Wallace from AndersenPress’s stand.

And here’s my entire YALC haul in all its glory!

I had such a great time, I can’t wait until next year! How’d your YALC experience go?



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