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TThe Other Us - Fiona Harperhe Other Us
Fiona Harper

Rating: 4/5

I’ve said it before: my weakness is stories that mess with time. The Other Us definitely isn’t as timey-wimey as that Star Trek episode “Tapestry”, but it fits the bill just right when it comes to a light paradoxical story.

Forty-six year old Maggie is unhappy. Her daughter left home for university. Her marriage to Dan is stale. And she keeps wondering what would have happened if she ran away with her old university flame Jude on the night Dan proposed.

“What ifs” hi-jack her thoughts. Would her life have been any different? Would her life have been any happier?

Except.. one morning, she wakes up and she’s no longer forty-six. She’s in her twenty-one year old body.

The Other Us follows Maggie’s life as she’s thrust between two splintered timelines: an alternate life with Dan, and an alternate life where she ran off with Jude. We see how her decisions affect the course her life should have taken and the consequences that follow in these two new realities.

I found myself flip flopping between which of Maggie’s lives was the better one. Both had positives and both had flaws. About halfway through, I just figured why not both?

Maggie was a good main character who managed to hold it together (for the most part) during her jumps in the alternate timelines. She wasn’t perfect — definitely a bit petty — but it was great to see her grow up and learn from her past mistakes as she relived them over again.

The ending could not have been better! It was the closure Maggie (and I!) needed after being flung back and forth so many times.

I received an advance reading copy for the blog tour. It’s out in UK stores now so pick up your copy for a wonderful weekend read!  (Book Depository / Amazon Canada / Amazon UK)

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