[Review] My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

My Not So Perfect Life - Sophie KinsellaMy Not So Perfect Life
Sophie Kinsella

Rating: 4/5

From Goodreads: Cat Brenner is living the dream – she has a flat in London, a job in creative branding, and her Instagram feed is full of all the amazing things London has to offer: delicious food and beautiful sights and lots of fun. Ok, so the crappy truth is that she rents a tiny room in Catford with no space for a wardrobe, spends most of her days engaged in tedious admin on the other side of the city, and posts photos of food she could never ever afford to eat. But it’s all just about worth it.

Until her bright and shiny life comes crashing down: her demanding boss Demeter gives her sack, and with no means to live in London any more, Cat has to move home to Somerset. Now she’s plain old Katie Brenner again, helping out her dad and her stepmum as they attempt to launch a glamping business on their farm. (They think she’s on sabbatical from her job, and she can’t quite bear to tell them the truth…)

With Katie’s creative branding experience, the glamping is soon a big success. So much so that Demeter and her family book in on holiday – and Katie sees her chance to get revenge on the woman who ruined her dream. So long as Demeter doesn’t see beyond her disguise and give the game away to her parents, of course.

It’s time to see who’s the boss…

I live for Sophie Kinsella standalone novels. These are the books I know I’m guaranteed to have a great time and laugh my ass off all the way to the end.

The story starts with Katie, working in London, barely scraping by and lying to her friends, dad, and herself that all is well. When her boss Demeter fires her, Katie can’t afford to live in London any more and returns to Somerset to help her dad and step-mom start up a glamping business.

My Not So Perfect Life lived up to my high standard of Kinsella books. From the Sandwich Incident on the Underground in the very first chapter I had a huge smile on my face. I knew I was going to love it.

Sophie Kinsella writes painfully relatable characters, awkwardness and all. Katie was no exception. I cringed at the predicaments she got herself into and was so proud when her life took an unexpected but rewarding turn.

Compared to her other books, this one was pretty light on the actual romance. The focus was more on Katie’s journey, her relationship with her dad and step-mom, and her friendship with Demeter. It was a refreshing perspective in a contemporary fluff novel!

If you want a novel about a strong twenty-something woman navigating through life, look no further! (Book DepositoryAmazon US / Amazon Canada / Amazon UK)

Thanks so much to Transworld Books for the review copy!


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