“Glass Sword” – Kneel or Bleed

Glass Sword Victoria AveyardGlass Sword (Red Queen #2)
Victoria Aveyard

Rating: 4.5/5

Holy hell, that ending.  That last chapter.  That last sentence.

Glass Sword was one of my most anticipated 2016 reads and it completely lived up to the hype, making it a fantastic sequel to Red Queen.

Without giving away spoilers, Glass Sword started right in the action, basically right where Red Queen left off.  The main focus of Glass Sword is to search for and recruit others like Mare Barrow for the uprising against Silver Royalty.

After reading Red Queen almost a year ago, I impatiently awaited the sequel, but I was also apprehensive. Would it live up to the first book?  It most certainly did!  The entire story was like watching an action movie.  No boring lulls in the middle of the story, no dull scenes slowing the narrative down.

Mare develops as a character—she becomes harder, colder, and it’s completely understandable and justifiable.  Ironically, I like her because I don’t like her as a person.  She makes mistakes, she makes bad decisions, and she’s selfish. It was wonderful to see her change from a scared and unconfident girl in Red Queen to a bold and powerful woman in Glass Sword.

My only criticism is at around the halfway point, we saw a whole group of new characters introduced in the span of just a few chapters, which made it a bit difficult to remember who is who and who has what powers.

Glass Sword ended on such a high note. I think Victoria Aveyard is becoming the queen of plot twists!  The set up for the next book looks ridiculously exciting.

Thanks to Orion Publishing Group for providing me with an ARC of Glass Sword from NetGalley!

Glass Sword will be released on February 9 in the US and Canada and February 11 in the UK. Preorder your copy today: (Amazon US / Amazon CA / Indigo / Book Depository)

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