Book Buying Quest: The July Edition

July Book Haul

My not-too-bad July Book Haul!

Another month of book hunting, and I came out with a pretty decent July Book Haul. Many charity shops were visited to snag the best deals, faced disappointment when there were no good books in the Waterstones clearance section, and got to wander around some pretty English towns.

Finding the books is just as fun as reading them and I generally remember where and when I got each book.  Even if I didn’t enjoy the story, I’ll always have fond memories of specific books because the thrill of the book hunt.

I spent an entire Saturday wandering through the picturesque town of Royal Leamington Spa.  Not only is it a gorgeous place to stroll aimlessly, there are also ten thousand and fifty-two charity shops (that may be a slight exaggeration).

Some shops seemed promising.

Book hunt picture
Some not so promising, like the clearance section at Waterstones which had just a few depressing boxes of sales books.



But I got to look at many books throughout the day, so big win!




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