You’ve Got (Book) Mail: It’s Fangirl!

Fangirl by Rainbow RowellOpening your mail box and finding a nice book package staring back at you has the ability to make a booklover’s entire day.  Excitement for everyone!

I purchased Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell even though I already have a copy. My original copy is moping in a box in my parents’ house being sad that no one is reading it since I had to abandon my books.  Fangirl (and all seven Harry Potter novels) was a book I was hoping to bring over with me on the plane, but baggage weight overages and bulkiness made me abandon that idea with much mourning and kicking and screaming.

The past couple years, Fangirl has been getting a lot of traction in the book community and is constantly being mentioned on book lists and recommendations everywhere I go, so I figured I’d buy it a second time and see if it lives up to it’s reputation.

Fangirl by Rainbow RowellPlus, a book that is essentially about fandom and fan fiction? Sign me up! It’s nice to know I wasn’t alone in staying up until 4am reading and writing Harry Potter fan fiction during high school (that’s a whole other story!).

I will be reading this one next; let’s hope it’s worth buying it twice!

Have you read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell? What did you think?

You pick up your own copy of Fangirl here (50% off and free worldwide shipping).

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