Dana October Book HaulWelcome to Dana and the Books!

The short story: I am a girl who love books.

The novelization: I’m originally from Canada, where I studied Book Publishing at Ryerson University and Journalism at Durham College, but moved to the UK in 2015.  Sadly, I had to leave my substantial book collection in boxes back in Canada.

I am on a quest to rebuild my book collection on the other side of the Atlantic.  Along the way, I will be reviewing sci-fi and fantasy books, snapping some book photos until I get kicked out of bookshops, and showcasing some of the book world’s best leading ladies and authors.

Some of my favourite authors are JK Rowling, Connie Willis, Marissa Meyer, and Ken Follett.

Even though I’m 28, I’m fairly new to the YA genre and am kicking myself as I’m now catching up on fantastic YA books from the past 15 years!

My main genres are: Sci-fi, fantasy, and YA.


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